Deb Mitzel Photography is a boutique studio...

so what does that mean to you? 

It means that you will receive a higher level of personalized service that is not comparable to other photographers and photography studios.  I have a full time career outside of photography, so I am in this business because I absolutely love it and it gives me energy.  This also means I can only work with a limited number of clients each year, so am selective about the types of sessions I take on.  I don't do ALL kinds of photography, just the ones I absolutely love.  


My theory is that if I am going to take my personal time to be involved in something, it is going to be something that I am truly passionate about.  And Senior Portrait photography is that for me in spades!  I love all types of portrait photography, but there is just something special about working with high school seniors…I absolutely love working with them, and want their session experience to be a fun and special time they will remember long into the future.  A session with me typically means a very personalized session in a place that is important to you.  I am more than willing to take the time necessary to get images that are authentic and represent who you really are.  This also means that you will be making an investment to do business with me, but I will do my absolute best to give you a fabulous experience with images you’ll treasure for a lifetime!


My goal is to collaborate with you to create a memorable and meaningful experience, so that when you look at those photos on your wall in the coming years, you will be taken back to this special moment in time and remember it fondly.  I will take the time to ensure that the images from your portrait session are a genuine and authentic representation of who you are at this special time in your life, and my hope is that you will find value in this approach and choose to plan your portrait session experience with me.


We’ll spend time together before, during, and after your session, making sure we are all on the same page with regard to the details of the session, as well as how you intend to enjoy and display the images.  Are you looking for an album for the coffee table, a large print above the fireplace, a collage for the family room?  Talking about these things before we ever get to the session will ensure that you end up with the best images to display in your home, as well as a fun experience you will remember long after it’s over.


I really hope you'll consider taking me along on your photography journey! Let's do this!