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Palm Springs Shootout 232-EditPalm Springs Shootout 232-Edit Senior Pictures - deciding what to wear can be exciting and agonizing at the same time!  For many of us, having our photos taken professionally is not a regular occurrence, so when the time comes, we want to make sure that everything is JUST RIGHT.  We want to wear something unique, but not weird...timeless, but not trendy.  Parachute pants and bandanas from the 80's?  Probably not the best choice for a timeless option!  And don't forget the fact that your senior pictures get sent to everyone and show up everywhere - on your open house cards...at your graduation party... in fact, your photo will probably hang on the wall in your parent's house for the next 15 years!  So getting it right is kind of a big deal...

And that's why I want to talk a little about clothing choices, and give you some guidelines to help you make the best decisions for your Senior Portrait session.  As a photographer, my goal in every session is to make you feel comfortable and capture the "authentic you" in my photos.  With that in mind, my first recommendation of what to wear would be something that you are comfortable in, and is representative of who you are.  If you're a country boy who loves to hunt and fish, it might look a little odd if you show up for your senior photos in plaid pants, a white shirt, and bow tie!  Chances are, that's not the "authentic you", and you might not want that photo hanging on your parent's wall a few years from now.  That might be an extreme example, but I think you get my point.  :)  So before you get too caught up in the latest trends, give some thought to who you are and what you are most comfortable in.  That's the best place to start.  The following approach will give you some ideas  to help you choose the right outfits for your session.

  1. Start off with Simple and Classic - Most seniors will have at least one outfit change, so make sure at least one outfit is classic and timeless.  Some good ideas are jeans and a solid color top, or a simple dress.  Primary colors are also a good choice - that neon green top you love so much might lose it's appeal when it's been hanging on your Grandma's fridge for five years!  It's also wise to avoid t-shirts with logos and graphics. Simple is the way to go.
  2. Add a little Pizzazz - You might kick up your classic outfit a notch by adding some accessories - jewelry, scarf, sweater, etc., or you might completely change it up.  There's nothing wrong with changing it up - perhaps something a little dressier or even your favorite team's jersey, just make sure it's totally you.  For girls, this might be the outfit that helps you channel your inner model.
  3. Finish with the "Authentic You" - Are you a football player, a soccer star, musician?  Bring your props and let your personality shine through!  We'll show off those skills in your photos.  Senior portraits capture a moment in time, so let's capture some of the things that are most important to you at this moment. 

Palm Springs Shootout 436-EditPalm Springs Shootout 436-Edit

 Now that we've talked about the approach you might want to take with your clothing choices, let's discuss a few more specific tips to consider:

  • Avoid distracting prints that will take the focus away from your face.  If you do wear a print, consider wearing a solid color cardigan or blazer over it to tone down the print.
  • Wear clothes that enhance your curves.  Wearing boxy clothes that are too large will make you appear bigger than you are.
  • Consider the location we will be shooting in. For example, if we are going to be in a green garden area, you might not want to wear a green outfit.
  • Ruffled tops can be your friend, but only if you have a smaller chest.  If you've got a larger chest, ruffles are not your friend.
  • Don't forget the accessories!  Jewelry, scarves, jean jackets, hats, sunglasses... they can all add a little pizzazz to your photos.
  • Don't dress too sexy - if you wouldn't want it hanging on Grandma's fridge, chances are, you don't want to wear it for your senior pictures.
  • Make sure your clothes are ironed!  Photoshop doesn't have an ironing tool, so if you're wrinkled, you're going to be wrinkled, and I can't do anything about it.

And finally...let's not forget about the little details - things like neat and clean fingernails and toes, plucked eyebrows, or the ink stamp residue from last night's baseball game.  Make sure they're all taken care of so they don't show up on your close ups.

Your Senior photos should be fun and capture the "authentic you".  The above tips will help you get started with what to wear and how to prepare.  If you come to the session prepared and everything is in order, all you have to do is relax and have fun, exactly what you're supposed to do at your Senior Session!




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