Welcome to Deb Mitzel Photography!

I have always appreciated photography, and the way a photo can transport you back to a particular time and place.  Whether looking at photos of loved ones who have passed, babies who have grown up to be high school seniors, or seniors who are now getting married or having kids of their own, photos play a very important in our lives, and they help us tie together our life stories.  Without them, we may never get to see how much little Johnny looks like Great Grandpa John, or reminisce about that family trip to California in the back of the station wagon in the 70’s…and that is exactly what I LOVE about being a photographer!  I love being there to capture special moments in people’s lives, and to make photos that they will love right now, but even more importantly, to know that the photos I capture today will live on even after they are gone, telling the story of their lives to future generations. 

As a kid, I would often pull out the boxes of photos my mother had collected over the years.  Whether I was looking at photos of people I knew and events I remembered, or photos of people I had never met and places I had never been, they transported me into that time and place, and gave me a great appreciation for the power of the printed image.

I have also done a lot of scrapbooking through the years, and while it is important to me to create great photos during each session, it is even more important to really capture the essence of the person I am photographing, and tell their story.  And everyone DOES have a story, whether they think they do or not.  It may be in the sparkle of their eyes, an infectious smile, or the abundant love that pours from them as they look into the eyes of their child.  We all have a story, and I LOVE being the one fortunate enough to help tell it.

Thanks for stopping by!  I look forward to helping you tell YOUR story.